How Do I Speak With A Doctor Online?

Contacting a virtual doctor might be a new experience for you. It might also seem complex to individuals who have never done it before. In reality, virtual consultations are easy and convenient to set up. Telehealth Options gives you the flexibility of contacting a U.S. Board Certified doctor wherever and whenever you need medical help for non-emergency medical conditions. We offer our members a number of convenient ways to contact their doctor: smartphone, tablet, computer, and landline.

As a member of Telehealth Options, you are able to receive 24/7/365 access to online doctor visits. Though behavioral health consultations require an appointment, there’s no need to schedule an appointment for medical consultations – simply pick your preferred communication method and get medical advice in as little as 15 minutes.

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How Can Members Contact Their Virtual Doctor?

There are two formats through which you can contact your online doctor:

Contact A Doctor Online- Option 1

Online doctor video consultation

This option is available via smartphone, tablet, and computer. This format is best for when a doctor needs to observe a symptom or specific issue visually. For example, if you are having a reaction to an insect bite, a doctor can see how bad the reaction is, determine if it might be infected, and prescribe the necessary antibiotics to treat your bite.

Contact A Doctor Online- Option 2

Virtual doctor phone call

This option is available via smartphone and landline. This format is best for when you can verbally describe your symptoms, when your doctor doesn’t need to see your symptoms, and when you need to refill prescriptions. For example, if you have fever-like symptoms, you can describe them to your doctor, who will then advise you on how to best treat them.

Contact A Doctor – Smartphone & Tablet

Speak with a Doctor via Smartphone or Tablet

You can download the Telehealth Options app (available on Apple and Android) and video chat with your online doctor through the app. You can also visit our website through your smartphone browser or call your online doctor if your device has phone call capabilities.

Accessing your doctor via smartphone or tablet allows you to have video consultations on the go wherever you have a connection. Whether you’re at home, on vacation, or at work, you can take your doctor with you wherever you are.

Contact A Doctor – Computer

Speak with a Doctor via Computer

If you want to use your desktop computer or see your online doctor on a larger screen, we give you the option to do just that. As a member of Telehealth Options, you will gain access to our virtual doctor software. In order to contact your online doctor, simply go to the website and enter the member portal. You’ll then be prompted to install our secure software, which will give you the audio and video capabilities needed to video chat with your online doctor.

Contact A Doctor – Landline

Speak with a Doctor via Landline

There are two ways you can connect with your virtual doctor via landline. You can either call into our scheduling hotline and request a consultation or schedule an appointment time and have the doctor call you. There are no video options for this method. Accessing your doctor via landline is convenient when you don’t have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Contact A Doctor Today – How To Start?

Contacting a virtual doctor is easy. As a member of Telehealth Options, you can see a virtual doctor in as little as 15 minutes via smartphone, tablet, computer, or landline. Get medical help wherever you have a device and a connection.

The process to sign up for Telehealth Options is fast and easy: simply fill out a brief sign up form that will ask you for the information needed for us to properly serve you. Afterwards, you’ll be asked to add your credit card details. Once you complete those two steps, you’ll be able to speak with a virtual doctor within minutes.

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