Online Prescription Antibiotics: What You Need To Know

Those who are considering a telehealth service frequently have questions about prescribed medications. Users who are new to the concept often wonder, first and foremost, if online doctors are able to write prescriptions. You can rest assured that Telehealth Options doctors can prescribe antibiotics.

In fact, new users are delighted to learn that online doctors prescribe antibiotics at the same rate as an in-person doctor’s office. There’s no worry that you are sacrificing convenient access to prescriptions when they are needed when you join us.

In addition to answering the question of if telemedicine doctors can write prescriptions, we will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions that our new members ask us.

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How Do Virtual Doctors Know if You Need an Antibiotic?

We have a careful system of checks and balances to ensure that you will only be prescribed medication that you need.

Before you begin your first visit with a Telehealth Options doctor, you will complete a medical survey. In that survey, you will be asked to share both your past medical history plus any known drug allergies or side effects you’ve experienced. The doctor will have this information on hand during your appointment and will use it to determine if you need antibiotics and what medications will work best for you.

In addition, the doctor will be assessing you via the telehealth resources and will ask you the correct clinical questions to assess your illness just as an in-person doctor would do. The doctor will determine if your symptoms indicate viral or bacterial infection to make sure to set the correct treatment plan in place. Our doctors will take the time to accurately diagnose you.

Should the doctor need to order laboratory testing prior to issuing the prescription, they will offer guidance on the next steps.

Furthermore, if our doctor deems an illness to be critical or life-threatening, they will advise you to seek immediate emergency room care.

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How Do Online Doctors Prevent Misuse or Overprescribing?

You can rest assured that our online doctors have the skills and experience to accurately diagnose your illness and know when an antibiotic must be prescribed. On average, our doctors have over 15 years of experience in their respective fields. Each is a U.S. Board Certified doctor with over a decade of knowledge and will strive to make you feel better.

We advocate that our doctors take the appropriate amount of time during your consultation to clearly understand all your symptoms and accurately assess your needs. This is the best way to prevent misuse or overprescribing medications.

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How Do Telemedicine Doctors Ensure Safe Antibiotic Use?

If you indicated on your medical history that you’ve suffered an allergy or unwanted side effect from any prescription medication, the doctor will know this. In addition, the doctor will be able to consult your medical history that you provided before the online visit to see any current medications you take that can cause negative interactions with antibiotics.

Additionally, our doctor will ask questions about what kind of reactions you have had in the past to certain medications that you indicated on your profile. This will further clarify for the doctor what types of antibiotics are safe for you.

The doctor will also make sure that you understand your treatment plan completely. We want to ensure that you receive full, clear instructions on how to take your antibiotics. You can always ask your pharmacist for further clarification.


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What Medications Can Our Virtual Doctors Prescribe?

Generally, our doctors will write prescriptions for the antibiotics that will get you feeling well again. Three of the antibiotics that we commonly prescribe are as follows:

  • Azithromycin
  • Amoxicillin
  • Cephalexin

There are many other antibiotics available, and your online doctor will craft the treatment plan that will address your particular needs.

We may also prescribe medications to help alleviate symptoms related to your illness. One example of this would be a doctor prescribing expectorants or decongestants to a person who has bronchitis.

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What Medications Won’t Our Virtual Doctors Prescribe?

All prescriptions are at the discretion of your telehealth physician, however there will never be DEA controlled/scheduled substances prescribed. Some drugs that we will never prescribe are:

  • Medical marijuana
  • Adderall
  • Painkillers/opioids
  • Benzodiazepines

Do We Offer Medication Discounts?

As part of your Telehealth Options membership, you’ll receive instant access to our prescription discount program. There is no additional cost to receive this program, and you will be automatically enrolled once you join us.

We have partnered with Inside RX to offer you the convenience of an app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet, so you can see the discounted prices for your prescription before you ever get to the pharmacy.

When you arrive at the pharmacy, simply present the card and the technician will apply your membership number and apply the discount codes to help you with lowering prescription costs.

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Does Insurance Cover Online Antibiotic Prescriptions?

If you have prescription coverage for primary care doctor visits, you will also be covered by online prescriptions.

Should you have questions about your insurance plan, we suggest that you contact your insurance provider. Unfortunately, prescription coverages vary widely, and we do not know the particulars of your plan.

Learn more about insurance and telehealth.

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In addition to having access to the same quality prescription antibiotics as your family doctor and our prescription discount program, Telehealth Options provides other benefits to you and your family.

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  • Behavioral health care is available.

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