Is Telehealth Covered by Insurance?

Visitors to our website often ask us if telehealth is covered by insurance. Before we answer that, please allow us to give you some background information about why our members join our program.

Most current Telehealth Options members have opted in to our program for two very different but equally valid reasons.

One being, they do not have health insurance. They are in relatively good health, but they feel that they need our program to take care of those minor health concerns that pop up from time to time. We are not an insurance plan and we are not an insurance company. You cannot substitute our program for an insurance plan.

Two being, they do have health insurance. However, they love the convenience of 24/7 access to an online doctor when and where it fits into their hectic schedules. They would rather pay our low membership fee of $360.00 for a single person for the year or $480.00 for a five-member family for the year than miss work or keep their children out of school for appointments with the family doctor.

Below, you’ll find the answers to the most asked questions about telehealth and health insurance.

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Do Online Doctors Take Insurance?

No Fee Doctor’s Consultations

Members of Telehealth Options do not pay any fees to see our doctors. Everything is covered in your membership fee

Telehealth Options & Insurance

Insurance is not required for Telehealth Options, but it is highly recommended that you get a real insurance plan for full coverage. Our program members enjoy our stand-alone service and freedom from ever paying consultation fees. This makes the cost of our program more affordable than a trip to the urgent care clinic or emergency room for non-emergency situations. The only out of pocket cost that you will experience is your low membership fee.

When you are contacting your insurance company to inquire about telemedicine coverage, here are some questions you should ask them.

  1. Do you need to hassle with filing a claim to be reimbursed?
  2. Is a telehealth provider considered in-network?
  3. Do you need to meet a certain deductible before they will cover an insurance claim?
  4. Does my insurance cover online prescriptions?

Remember that when you join Telehealth Options, you don’t need to worry about filing claims or waiting for reimbursement for weeks on end. Everything is covered in our low membership fee.

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What Insurance Companies Cover Telehealth?

Our service does not require insurance coverage because we offer fee free consultations. However, other telehealth companies do have consultation fees and having insurance coverage would be beneficial. Many insurers offer telehealth coverage. Every insurance company varies. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, we advise you to contact your insurance company. This will ensure that you have your information on hand when an illness occurs in your family.

Insurance & Telehealth

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Do Insurance Companies Cover Online Doctor Prescriptions?

If you have prescription drug coverage, your insurance company will cover prescriptions written by an online doctor. Every plan varies, so check with your insurer for detailed information about your coverage.

Keep in mind that Telehealth Options also offers a prescription discount program. Our members use this to save even more money. In fact, you are enrolled in this program automatically when you join us, and there’s no extra cost for this benefit.

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Why Choose Telehealth Options?

We help thousands of people receive affordable access to high-quality medical care delivered by U.S. Board Certified physicians. Our members can visit a doctor any time of the day or night, even on weekends and holidays! You’ll never be required to pay for any hidden charges or consultations.

We also often hear that people love our services because it’s often difficult to find a primary care doctor due to long waits for a new patient exam. Our members can see the doctor within a few minutes of enrolling.

You’ll never miss another important meeting or have your children miss school due to having to drive to a doctor’s office and wait in the crowded reception area. You just call from a landline phone, log-in from your computer, or use our convenient app on your smartphone or tablet to connect with a doctor.

All of these reasons make Telehealth Options a value-driven solution for all of our members, insured or uninsured.

Ready to join Telehealth Options? Sign up today using our fast and easy online application. Welcome to Telehealth Options!

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