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Below is an average cost comparison for healthcare visits for the top most common conditions affecting millions of Americans each day.

Reason For Visit Telehealth Options Urgent Care Emergency Room
Allergies $0 $97 $345
Acute Bronchitis $0 $127 $595
Earache $0 $110 $400
Sore Throat $0 $94 $525
Pink Eye $0 $102 $370
Sinusitis $0 $112 $617
Strep Throat $0 $110 $531
Upper Respiratory Infection $0 $111 $486
Urinary Tract Infection $0 $110 $665

**Expenses for normal doctor's office visits are not included on this comparison chart due to their high variability and dependence on negotiated health insurance rates.

Members Have Doctor's Visits From the Comfort of Their Own Space

Our mission is to offer high quality medical appointments at an affordable price. By providing access to doctors of the highest standards through virtual means, quality healthcare is now accessible to everyone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Through Telehealth Options, receive treatment for over 50 medical conditions and prescriptions at a discount no matter your insurance provider. Please note that certain prescriptions are prohibited from being provided to patients virtually. To see a list of prohibited prescriptions please click here.

On average, a family of 4 visits the doctor 12 times per year. That’s 12 more times families are exposed to sick patients in the waiting rooms.

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As a Telehealth Options member, you are always at the front of the line. The doctors you see using Telehealth Options are always available and online to answer your medical related questions. Start your first online medical session today by completing our fast and easy signup form.

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