Reasons to Use an Online Doctor

Thanks to its ease of access where you need it and an immediate doctor’s appointment when you need it, more people than ever are starting to rely on the services of an online doctor.

It can be frustrating to call your primary care physician’s office for an appointment when you’re ill only to find out that the soonest opening is a week or more away. If you’re booking the appointment to be treated for acute symptoms such as the flu, you may become sicker, before you ever see the doctor! An emergency room might be an option if you’re running a high fever or you’re very sick, but you definitely don’t want to pay for an expensive ER visit for a case of the sniffles.

Worse yet are the wait times when you have moved to a new area, and you need to choose a new family doctor. First, you must determine which practices accept your insurance plan. Then, you call the doctor’s office to receive discouraging news about getting in to see the doctor. In some areas, doctors accepting new patients are few and far between. Or, you might need to wait up to 6 months for a new patient exam.

That easy access to a doctor’s visit, practically on demand, is just one of the reasons to use an online doctor service. Here are a few more.

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Trusted, Affordable Medical Access

Just $360.00 Per Year

Affordable Doctor Visits

Quality health care has never been more affordable! Telemedicine fees offer a tremendous savings over an office visit.

Telehealth Options offers an affordable membership program. For a low rate of $360.00 for an individual for the year or $480 for a family of up to five people for the year, you have access to our team. There are no consultation fees and no hidden fees, just one low membership fee. Our membership gives you access to our online doctors to supplement your primary care physician.


Compared to the cost of a doctor visit with no insurance, which can run over $300, this is a tremendous savings.

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Single Member = $360.00 per Year| Family Membership = $480.00 per Year

Convenient Doctor Appointments

Access to an online doctor puts you in charge of your own schedule! No more missing time away from work, the kids won’t miss class time, and no need to drive when you are probably too sick to do so. In addition, you won’t waste time at the doctor’s office sitting in a waiting room crowded with sick people or experience those dreaded long wait times once you actually make it into the exam room.


At your own convenience, you access your online doctor via your computer, tablet, landline phone call, or the Telehealth Options smartphone app. This is really convenient for busy families who are on the go, as they can see the doctor without an appointment from anywhere their busy life takes them.

More importantly, this gives you the convenience of a 24/7 doctor. Our doctors are open outside of work hours. They are open on holidays, and are available to help you .

We give you the convenience of a walk-in doctor appointment but with little to no wait time.

Doctors Available 24/7

Nights, Weekends & Holidays!

Quality Doctors

You want convenience and affordability, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality treatment. Think of us as an online medical practice. Our team is made up of U.S. Board Certified Doctors with an average of 15 years’ experience. These physicians have mastered cutting-edge technology that allows them to accurately assess your symptoms and diagnose your illness. Our doctors combine caring and technology to deliver the finest care. You won’t feel like you’re trading off quality for easy access.

Our entire team will maintain HIPAA compliance, so you don’t ever need to worry about confidentiality.

Our physicians are no rush doctors whose goal is to get you feeling well again as soon as possible.

Board Certified Doctors

Average 15 Years Experience

Wide Range of Services

Telehealth Options members can be treated for a wide range of problems. Our online doctors treat our members for many symptoms; from the sudden onset of an acute illness like a painful ear infection to offering medical advice on managing chronic conditions like high blood pressure.

In fact, we even offer behavioral health. These wide range of services gives our members the peace of mind that a doctor is available when in need of care for most minor issues.

Online Prescriptions

Our doctors can write online prescriptions so that you can get on the road to feeling better. They can issue a supply of up to 30 days of medication. This eliminates paperwork for you to take to the pharmacy, as they are able to handle prescribing medication for you via e-prescriptions at the end of your appointment. Just tell the online doctor what pharmacy you prefer, and he will immediately send the prescription. Your prescription will be filled faster than it would if you had to drop off a paper script.

Don’t have prescription coverage? Our members receive a prescription discount program to help them save even more money.

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Telehealth Options – How To Start?

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