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Doctor Visit Costs – You Have Options

Finding affordable supplemental health programs which complement your current health insurance policy can be a lesson in futility. Introducing Telehealth Options, your key to low cost healthcare available to you today. Healthcare needs are not planned, but when they do arise, it helps to have a back-up plan.

Telehealth is the wave of the future and a positive change for improving healthcare delivery. Video-conferencing, remote monitoring, electronic consults, and wireless communication serves to increase accessibility while increasing patient satisfaction with care received.

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Telehealth Options offers long overdue solutions for healthcare delivery options. How would you like to have an increase in accessibility to healthcare 24/7? Would an increase in the quality of care as well as improved outcomes appeal to you? Let Telehealth Options help you access these benefits and much more.

Specialty practice doctors in America charge “for service fees” that are significantly higher as opposed to other parts of the world. The lack of badly needed healthcare reform is devastating worldwide economy as well as the economy of the USA. Supporting this technology benefits the economy.

Doctors opt for specialty medicine practice because of significantly bigger paydays. In fact, healthcare is “BIG BUSINESS”, very big business. The cost of healthcare is rising faster than the inflation rate. This fact doesn’t bode well for today’s consumer seeking affordable supplemental health coverage to complement their current health insurance policy.

Doctor visit cost can be curbed and optimal health and well being is possible thanks to Telehealth Options. This is your key to exiting the revolving door of a high cost healthcare delivery system.


What Is Telehealth Options Technology?

This overview will give you the basic who, what, and where of this fantastic program. Telehealth Options is your link to affordable healthcare that is taking healthcare delivery to a new level. It is an alternative approach to the traditional doctor office visit which can be accessed anytime you have a need. Finally a means to reducing or containing increases in healthcare cost. It’s healthcare delivery in the comfort of your home.

Telehealth Options connects members to a remote system of healthcare services via the internet, telephone, mobile telephone, or a video call. The peace of mind knowing you and/or loved ones “are covered” is priceless. The remote connection allows you to have a doctor at your fingertips anytime from any place.

An exam can be done without ever being touched. Should you need medication an online prescription program is available. Telehealth Options is uniquely qualified to offer a solution to some of the problems which affect your ability to achieve optimal health and well being.

Access A Doctor

From The Comfort of Your House

What Benefits Will I See?

Make no mistake, the current studies and reports on this innovative tool are extremely encouraging. This quote from a recent report from the American Hospital Association says it all, “Telehealth, Delivering the Right Care, at the Right Place, at the Right Time.” For you this means improving healthcare delivery and savings in your pocket.

Patients benefit from improved ease of access to healthcare. How? Telehealth Options membership gives you access 24/7, anytime, anyplace, to a doctor who can coordinate your care with healthcare facilities or specialists if needed.

For people living in rural locations the benefits from this virtual connection to healthcare is undeniable. Virtual healthcare technology has been used by the Department of Corrections for years greatly reducing healthcare cost.

Telehealth Options is your connection to a cost-effective alternative approach to a doctor visit that’s at your fingertips. How convenient is that? The quality of care equals or exceeds care received with the traditional in office visit.

This is an example of how healthcare delivery is constantly evolving and changing as a result of technology. The benefits of real time doctor visits devoid of crowded waiting rooms is also a plus.


Board Certified Doctors

Average 15 Years Experience

The following benefits make Telehealth options especially desirable:

  1. Individual membership fee = $17 and gives access to online doctor visits. That works out to be $204/year.
  2. Group membership fee = $24 which covers 5 family members and gives access to online doctor visits which is $288/year.
  3. Enhanced non-emergency medicine and quick access to acute care is available and easily accessed 24/7, nights, weekends, and holidays.
  4. We can fill prescriptions online.
  5. You can speak with a doctor anywhere you go by using a phone, tablet, or computer, even landlines.

Benefits Of Telehealth – Conclusion

We live in a high stress environment, no question about it. Daily stressors such as getting the kids to school, paying bills, and having food on the table can have negative effects on your health. Studies show stress weakens the immune system making it easier to get sick. You have options.

Would you like to get rid of the stress caused by worrying about affordable supplemental healthcare coverage for you or your family? Welcome to Telehealth Options.

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