What is telehealth?

Telehealth describes the exchange or sharing of health related services and resources using electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It encompasses a variety of technologies that are used to virtually deliver medical, health, and education services. Modern telehealth technology allows patients to use their mobile devices to substitute for a traditional in-person doctor appointment, offering a convenient and affordable healthcare option.

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How do I contact a doctor online?

As a member of Telehealth Options, you are able to receive 24/7/365 access to online doctor visits. Though behavioral health consultations require an appointment, there’s no need to schedule an appointment for medical consultations – simply pick your preferred communication method and get medical advice in as little as 15 minutes.

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When should you use an online doctor?

You should see an online doctor anytime you require treatment for non-emergency medical or behavioral health conditions. While online doctors are not meant to replace your primary care provider, urgent care provider, or the emergency room; many non-life threatening conditions can be treated online—and in many cases, an online visit can replace an in-person visit. If seeing your primary care provider is required—your online doctor will tell you—saving you both time and money when a visit is not required.

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How much does an online doctor’s visit cost?

Our telehealth plan is charged as one yearly flat fee, with an individual membership fee costing just $360.00 per month for access to online doctor’s visits. This is an even better option for families – our group membership fee covers 5 people and costs just $480.00 per year. This adds up to $96.00 per person per year.

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How much does Telehealth Options cost per month?

Telehealth Options offers quality online medical health services for a flat yearly rate of $360.00 for individuals and $480.00 for a family plan covering up to 5 individuals.

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Is telehealth covered by insurance?

Insurance is not required for Telehealth Options, but it is highly recommended that you get a real insurance plan for full coverage. Our program members enjoy our stand-alone service and freedom from ever paying consultation fees. This makes the cost of our program more affordable than a trip to the urgent care clinic or emergency room for non-emergency situations. The only out of pocket cost that you will experience is your low monthly membership fee.

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Does Telehealth Options work with businesses?

Organizations spanning the country are experiencing tremendous success by adding the Telehealth Options Employee Program to their healthcare benefits offering. Solutions like Telehealth Options are being adopted in record numbers because of convenience, reduced hours away from work and proven ROI. The flexibility of visiting with a physician by live video or telephone, 24/7, provides members a convenient, cost-effective alternative to urgent care or emergency rooms.

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Reasons to use an online doctor?

Access to an online doctor puts you in charge of your own schedule! No more missing time away from work, the kids won’t miss class time, and no need to drive when you are probably too sick to do so. In addition, you won’t waste time at the doctor’s office sitting in a waiting room crowded with sick people or experience those dreaded long wait times once you actually make it into the exam room.

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Can online doctors prescribe medicine?

Yes, an online doctor can write you a prescription should your medical condition require one. Before you begin your online consultation, you will be asked to provide information about your medical history, any current prescription medications you are taking, and your local pharmacy. This information will help your online doctor to write a prescription that does not conflict with your current medication and that can be picked up at your desired pharmacy.

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Can an online doctor prescribe antibiotics?

Users are delighted to learn that online doctors prescribe antibiotics at the same rate as an in-person doctor’s office. There’s no worry that you are sacrificing convenient access to prescriptions when they are needed when you join us.

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Can an online doctor prescribe pain killers?

By law, online doctors cannot prescribe DEA-controlled/scheduled pain medications. However, there are other effective medications that are less risky than opioids and available to assist with pain and pain management. Our doctors can prescribe effective medications that are less addictive than narcotic pain pills.

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How does the online prescription discount program work?

Inside RX and Telehealth Options have teamed up to provide you with the very best prescription discounts available today. Additionally, you will have price transparency like never before.

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