Can Online Doctors Prescribe Pain Pills?

When people are looking into telemedicine as a health care option, they might be curious about how online doctors prescribe pain pills. While most people identify pain pills with the opiate abuse crisis, the two are not automatically synonymous.

The opiate crisis is a serious concern for the medical community, lawmakers, law enforcement, and families alike. Therefore, laws have been put into place by the federal authorities. These laws state that telemedicine doctors cannot prescribe certain classes of prescription painkillers as one measure to help fight this crisis. Therefore, keep in mind that no telehealth service can issue DEA-controlled pain medications.

So, by law, online doctors cannot prescribe DEA-controlled/scheduled pain medications. However, there are other effective medications that are less risky than opioids and available to assist with pain and pain management. Our doctors can prescribe effective medications that are less addictive than narcotic pain pills.

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What is a DEA-controlled Medication?

The DEA regulates the dispensation of certain medications. These are narcotic medications that pose the highest risk of patients developing dependency on them. While these medications can have therapeutic benefit in a closely-controlled situation, online doctors are prohibited from prescribing them.

A few of the medications that telehealth providers cannot prescribe are on the following list:

  • Medical Marijuana (even in states where it’s legal)
  • Hydromorphone – brand name: Dilaudid®
  • Methadone – brand name: Dolophine®
  • Meperidine – brand name: Demerol®
  • Oxycodone – brand names: OxyContin®, Percocet®
  • Fentanyl – brand names: Sublimaze®, Duragesic®

This is only a partial list. For a complete list of the medications that telehealth providers may not prescribe, you may visit the DEA’s website.

If our doctors are confident that you would receive the most benefit from one of these medications for therapeutic reasons, they will refer you to your primary care physician for further treatment.

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How Do Online Doctors Ensure Safe Use of Pain Pills?

Because our doctors familiarize themselves with your medical history before each visit, they know exactly what questions to ask you to ensure that you don’t experience adverse interactions with your current medications. They will ensure their understanding of your history to identify if you have a history of substance abuse or addiction or any condition that could be affected by prescription pain pills.

Before you complete your evaluation, our doctor will make sure that you have a full knowledge of your treatment program, including how to use your prescriptions. They will also update your medical history with the notes from your appointment.

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How Quickly Can Online Doctors Write Prescriptions?

Our doctors use the latest technology to send a prescription to your own preferred pharmacy as soon as the visit is completed. Here’s how our process works.

A doctor will complete your evaluation and diagnose your condition. If they feel that a prescription is a necessary part of your treatment program, the doctor will send the script to the pharmacy. Our doctors will suggest the best course of treatment for you whether it’s a prescription drug or not.

If our doctor does order a prescription, he will electronically send the order to your pre-selected drug store. The medication will be ready for pickup as quickly as the pharmacy can fill it.

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Can I Get Help Paying for My Prescriptions?

Yes! When you enroll in Telehealth Options, you are immediately eligible to take advantage of our prescription discount program that’s offered through our partnership program at Inside RX.

With this program, you receive discounts on your prescriptions from the first day that you join! You can download the mobile app. This allows you to see the cost of your medications before you arrive at the pharmacy. You will also receive a discount card to present to the pharmacy technician. They will type the unique discount code from the card into their computer and charge you that discounted rate.

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Does My Insurance Cover Online Prescriptions?

Yes! If you have coverage that pays for medicine prescribed by an in-office visit, that coverage should also cover telemedicine prescriptions. Each insurance company has different rules regarding their particular coverage. If you are in doubt, you should contact your insurance company with your concerns.

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