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Escalating healthcare costs are increasing at unsustainable rates and care and outcomes are declining. As a result, groups and individuals are seeking alternatives in record numbers.

Research shows that groups of all sizes are adopting telehealth in record numbers because of the ease of access, the reduction of hours away from work and the proven ROI for their business’ bottom line. The flexibility of visiting with a physician by live video or phone provides employers and their members a very attractive alternative to waiting long hours, days, or even weeks for a doctor’s office visit.

Telehealth Options For Brokers & Resellers

(Offer Quality Care)

With an average of 15 years of practice experience, members can rest assured that they are receiving the highest quality care. At Telehealth Options, we take every possible step toward ensuring the quality of the care provided through our service. This involves a strict credential verification and review process for the doctors in our network.

Our Network Physicians are:

Licensed in their respective states

Covered by malpractice insurance

Located in the United States

Average 15 Years of Experience


Upon successful completion of the credentialing verification process, physicians must take part in extensive physician training, to master the technical aspects of telehealth and acquire a firm understanding of best treatment practices. Throughout this training process, physicians engage in a wide range of scenario consultations, preparing them for the most common treatments, as well as rare and out of the ordinary situations. New physicians begin taking consultation appointments only when they’ve attained the highest level of proficiency and confidence on the platform.

How We Work?

Give Clients What They Need

Telehealth Options is a solution for many of your clients’ healthcare needs — increased access to care, the best quality of care, improved productivity and reduced medical cost. Give your clients a modern healthcare benefit that will reduce unnecessary and costly urgent care and ER visits.

A Scientific Approach To Marketing

Overcome the barriers of member adoption of new technology by not only engaging members, but educating them. Let Telehealth Options help you maximize utilization, improve outcomes, and reduce costs for your clients.

Client Implementation Made Easy

Telehealth Options offers the tools you need to implement, promote and deliver our innovative, cost-saving solutions with ease. Our secure, automated business processes are highly configurable to fit your client’s current and future healthcare benefit needs.

Member Satisfaction

(Serving Members is our Priority)


Telehealth Options Suite of Benefits:

  • Saves members time by avoiding the wait associated with getting an appointment as well as waiting in the waiting room.
  • Saves members the hassle of driving across town and taking time off work.
  • Saves members money otherwise spent on more expensive urgent care and ER visits.
  • Provides App (iPhone/Android) access to the medical team. Ask any medical or health questions and always get personal, direct answers.
  • Can be used as often as needed, is confidential, and includes the entire immediate family.


  • 93% of patient issues resolved
  • 97% member satisfaction rating
  • 10 minute average response time

Redirection of Care:

  • 54% would have gone to primary care physician
  • 30% would have used urgent care
  • 12% would have used emergency room

Average Savings to Employer: Over $381 per call!

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